Autistic Christian Girls: Leigh’s Story

Recently, a friend of mine reached out to me. Her oldest daughter is an 18 year-old college student and she’s an autistic Christian girl

Autism in girls is very misunderstood by the world at large. Because of this, those autistic girls who’ve grown up without an appreciation for who they are and how they’re wired, often suffer greatly. 

Sadly, this is just as common in the church where specific behaviors are elevated and others are shamed.

autistic christian girls

Autistic Woman Supporting Autistic Christian Girls

Today, I introduce you to Leigh. 

Actually, Leigh is introducing herself to you and any young girl who feels different and needs hope. 

For the mom raising a neurodiverse young girl, autism in girls in nothing to be afraid of.  These girls are amazing and thrive when equipped based on who they are. 

Please share this with your precious quirky, creative, ball of fire.  She may really need this encouragement today.

Letter of Hope For The Girl Who Feels Different

Dear 14-year-old me,

Well, four years can certainly make a difference, now can’t it?  Seeing your face again brings back a lot of memories, y’know? Makes me realize just how much both the world and I have changed.
Time is more of a kiln than a river, in all honesty. Life can and will hurt, yes, but as I look back, I know that I wouldn’t change anything.

Advice For Autistic Christian Girls

Hmm? Advice, you say?  Well…let me see. What advice could I give you?
Y’know, in all honesty, I’d say that the best advice I could give you is:
  • for you to know that you’re not alone. 
  • You’re not broken,
  • defective,
  • not a weird outcast,
  • or glitched.

autistic christian girl hope

Autistic Christian Girl: Traits That Make Her Unique

You’re not the only one who’s scared by the sound of balloons popping or who gets extremely uncomfortable at parties. They too navigate those same issues feeling as if they need to perform in order to be accepted.

Not Everyone Wants to Be At The Center of The Action

In fact, there is a shockingly large group of people who will completely understand when you try to scurry off to another room to escape the hubbub.
There are so many other girls and boys who get this pacifying and focusing effect that music has on you.

Autism in Girls: Creativity & Imagination

There are countless other Aspies who know what it’s like to be drifting off to sleep and suddenly be murmuring out dialogues, solidifying plots and characters before slumber overtakes you.  

They too understand what it is like to be trying to do school when suddenly it’s half an hour later.  You look down to have a doodled battle scene and no progress on school whatsoever.

One-of-a-Kind Rare: Celebrating Autistic Girls

Autism in girls makes you one-of-a-kind rare, but not in your troubles. There will always be someone out there who’s gone through the exact same issues with anxiety and feeling out of control.  They understand what it’s like.
  • Keep going.
  • Imagining.
  • Writing.
  • And keep drawing, even though you think you’re no good.

Perspective: Autistic Christian Girl

You’ll get to a point one day where you step back and gain perspective.  Take a good look at your rough draft for a novel and the art you’ve created, and you may say,
This is something that could change someone’s life. There are people out there who need this message, and I have the God-given ability to give it to them. To have a character say something that will stick with a complete stranger and motivate them to make the world a better place.”

God has a Vital Purpose For All

You are FAR from unimportant, younger me. God has put you here for a vital purpose. There will be perfect strangers who will decide to give life another chance because you spoke the Gospel to them. 

Some may see you as a beacon of light and hope.  Keep creating and push on.

Self-Hate Is Unacceptable For Any Child

Fight past your own fears and hatred, and fight past the bullies you’ll run into. Neither of them have any right to have any power over you.

Healing & Inspiration: Autism in Girls

You are a juggernaut of healing and inspiration.  Be who you are and don’t stop once you’re unleashed on this broken world.
You have God with you for every step of the way no matter what.  His opinion – not any bully’s, not any critic’s, not even your own – is what matters. 
You have so, so much power for good in you because God is your king. Use it. Ignore the voices and fears saying you can’t.

Turn Suffering Into Strength

You have been given a gift like no other. So by golly, go be a juggernaut, and break down those walls of despair and the darkness threatening people’s souls. 
You’re a healer and warrior so powerful that this broken world tried to weaken you.  But it messed up and just made you even stronger.

Find Your Autistic Girl Army

So find your army to remind you that you’re not alone.  And then draw your bow in a world that only knows how to fire slingshots. 
You’re unique, even when you don’t think so.  And you’re talented, even when you don’t think so. You’re never walking your path by yourself, even when you think you are.
Find your people and grow in strength together.
You’re an autistic girl and you’re amazing.  Fight on, young warrior.


Your Older & More Confident Self,



Leigh is an 18 year-old autistic woman warrior who’s also learning how ADHD, SPD, and anxiety can all be gifts. As a college freshman, she is preparing to accomplish her dream of publishing her first self-illustrated novel. She loves nothing more than helping others see how God celebrates their uniqueness.


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