Homeschool Writing Program For Reluctant Writers

Many moms worry when their child hates to write. We often end up on the curriculum roller coaster searching for the perfect homeschool writing program for reluctant writers.  It’s a nightmare often fueled by the daily laments of her kid.

I can’t do this. My hand hurts. I hate this! Please don’t make me. No!!

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Homeschool Writing Program For Reluctant Writers

Then add all of the pressure that the world throws at us.  The so-called “experts” tell us that our kids are supposed to be:

  • reading at this age
  • printing upper and lowercase letters by this age
  • reading chapter books by -insert age-
  • writing a sentence, a paragraph, an essay and a full-blown persuasive essay by…

You get the idea. 

And if you’re reading this, you’ve likely found yourself overwhelmed by the demands of benchmark academic standards that have never once assessed your unique child

This is where the problem lies.

Benchmark standards and approaches that have never once taken into account your child, their unique wiring, interests, and other learning needs.

Homeschool Writing Need Not Be Painful

Here’s the deal though.  Homeschool writing does not have to be painful for kids or homeschool moms.

Today I’m offering up some stress-free writing strategies to help reluctant or resistant writers build confidence in their writing.

No more tears and stress!  Check out this impromptu Facebook Live recording and find relief from some of the homeschool writing battles.

My Favorite Homeschool Writing Program For Reluctant Writers

While you can use the strategies I provide without purchasing a curriculum, I do share my favorite homeschool writing program.  

Hint… Andrew Pudewa… Institute for Excellence in Writing. Can I say amazing??!!!

Watch the video and let me know if anything resonates.  Ultimately, it’s important to look behind the behaviors to find root causes of any learning struggles. 

We we take a step back and determine the real issues, we’re better equipped to teach our kids well.

You got this, Friend!

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Homeschool Writing When Writing Is Torture

More Homeschool Writing Support For Struggling Learners

Also, for a more in-depth explantation and guide to remove writing barriers for our kids, check out How Speech & Language Processing Impacts Reading, Writing & Relationships.

I presented this homeschool teacher training at the NCHE Summit For Teaching Exceptional Children.

  • Learn about the brain, speech, language as well as auditory processing and development.
  • Find out how to address root academic and behavioral problems to move your child forward to success.

Does Your Child Struggle To Remember:

What They’ve Read?
Multi-step Directions?
What you asked not 5 min ago?

boy confused saying huh?

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