Positive Christian Parenting: Obey Right Away?!!

Should you train your kids to obey right away?

That’s the question and that’s the topic I’m discussing today. 

About a year ago, one of our AHFAS mommas asked me this question. So I spoke about this heavy idea in a Facebook Live

In this episode, I offer up my perspective and ultimately talk about positive Christian parenting.


Parenting Advice In The Church

She asked this:

“I was at a parenting conference this weekend.  The person leading the workshop told us that it was our job as parents to teach our children to obey right away.  He said we needed to expect this of our kids because that’s how we train our children to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit.   This didn’t sit well with me.  What do you think?”

Immediate Obedience From Our Kids Is Not Possible

Well, as you can imagine, I had lots to say about it.  I remember hearing this from dear friends as we parented our kids in the earlier years.

Ultimately, if it was ever possible for any of us to obey right away we would not need Jesus. All throughout the Old Testament we see the Israelites desperately trying to obey all the laws.  To obey right away and yet they never could.  They failed miserably over and over again.

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Jesus Abolished The Obey Right Away Expectation.

And in God’s ultimate wisdom, provision and love, He chose to send His Son to live the perfect life for us because we will never be able to do so on our own.  Friends, we can never do it perfectly.  We are considered righteous because of Christ’s work and not our own.  

So where does this idea of obey right away come from and how do we discipline our kids well?

Positive Christian Parenting For Oppositional Children

I discuss this concept deeply in my book Behind the Behavior as well as in my online course Barely Surviving To Outright Thriving.  

If you’re Christian mom who has struggled with an overwhelming sense of guilt when your child continually displays challenging behaviors, this is the episode for you. 

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Support For Christian Moms of “Oppositional” Kids

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