Angry & Destructive Kids: Simple Steps To Help

How Do We Deal With Destructive Kids?

What do we do when our kids become destructive and out of control? When our kids’ first response to frustration is to chuck things across the room or to kick and scream and hit?

My boy turns into the Hulk when he is mad! What do I do?

Tara, a sweet momma from A Heart For All Students private community, asked me this question last year. In today’s episode, I speak to Tara’s problem from a lot of my own personal experience. Tara, you are not alone, Friend.

A Destructive Kid In My Own Home

When we were in the thick of it with my son, he hit, kicked, bit, screamed, threw everything and more. It was awful. And sadly, I felt completely alone and isolated.

None of the good Christian parenting strategies I knew to use worked.   Ultimately, it took years for me to realize that this child needed a different approach to parenting. This required me to SHIFT MY THINKING.

Why Does My 3 Year Old Break Everything?

Today we discuss two of the four steps of the 4 step parenting framework in my book, Behind The Behavior.

  1. Relationship
  2. Emotional Vocabulary

I specifically walk Tara through her scenario with her then 3 year-old son.  Despite the fact that Tara’s son was 3 at the time, these are the exact steps I recommend using with any child.

how to help destructive kids

Self-Regulation Support For Destructive Kids-

Step by step, we’ll walk through a destructive meltdown and how to navigate them with greater confidence.

In addition, we’ll address self-regulation and executive functioning.  Even better, we’ll hit on God’s utter genius.

Ahem… He made our kids SMALLER than us when they don’t have a fully developed prefontal cortex.  Who knew it’s ok to not freak out when our little kids hit us? I’ll tell you why it’s ok to take a deep breath and respond differently.

How Do You Deal With An Angry, Destructive Child?– With Confidence

So, that’s why we’re here today. Listen in, be encouraged, and regardless of age or diagnosis, know that these principles work. You’ve got this, Momma!  

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One mom at a time, we can change the narrative for kids with ADHD, Autism, anxiety or no acronym at all.   Grab a copy of Behind The Behavior and find freedom from the chaos so you can move the needle forward with your child! In this with you!

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