AHEART #30 | How To Homeschool Preschoolers & Other Resistant Students

Today, I’m talking all about how to homeschool preschoolers and other resistant learners. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschool mom or if you’re teaching your children at home for the first time, you know it’s not always easy.

But if you’ve got a child who has zero interest in learning, it can be downright BRUTAL. So what do we do when homeschooling a preschooler or other resistant learner?

How to Homeschool Preschoolers & Other Resistant Learners

In this episode, I’ll offer the reasons why students hate and resist learning. Moreover, I’ll tell you what you can do to change that in your homeschool.

Then I specifically discuss one simple strategy that I use to engage my 6 year-old son in learning.

(And get this… This basic principle works for all people to overcome the obstacle of having to do that which we really don’t want to do. It’s so simple, it’s painful.)

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Internal Motivation Is Key For Engagement In Learning

Friend, internal motivation is the key to learning and engagement. Period. It’s really that simple. So please stop beating your momma head up against the wall.

Listen to the episode, and then apply this in your homeschool to engage your preschooler, kindergartener or any one of your kids in learning!

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Hey, friend, in today’s episode, we are going to talk about how do we engage our resistant learners. How do we engage our preschoolers?  And how do we engage any distracted or resistant student? How do we get people to do that which they are not intrinsically motivated to do?  In the end, how do we increase engagement?

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  • [02:49] Homeschooling
  • [03:42] Engagement
  • [05:02] Learning & Stress
  • [07:18] Perceived Weakness VS Strength
  • [08:00] Teaching Example
  • [09:54] Win, Win. Amen


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