Behind the Behavior Book

Preface to Behind The Behavior

Beth Matheson, Mom of 2, Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe’s Women of the Word

Battles Over Everything & Nothing

God, why did you give me a broken kid?

I vividly remember standing in my locked bathroom, praying these words as I hid from my oldest daughter after another long day of battles over everything and nothing.

She had hit a fellow kindergartner, melted down over writing the alphabet even though she could read on a third grade level, poured several gallons of water all over the floor, and refused for the fourth night in a row to eat more than two bites of dinner.

Shame in Motherhood

I was ashamed of having a kid who left confusion and chaos in her wake, and I was even more ashamed of feeling ashamed. Motherhood didn’t look anything like I had dreamed it would.

Laundry List of Diagnoses

That wild little girl with a laundry list of diagnoses is now a gloriously quirky, creative, compassionate college student who is navigating her challenges with increasing independence and maturity. She now views her neurological differences as a gift, and we do, too.

We’re so glad we have her, in all her beautiful uniqueness. But the road to this place has been long and profoundly lonely at times for our whole family, with too many less-than-helpful detours suggested by people whose good intentions surpassed their understanding.

Overwhelmed Special Needs Mom

Lindsay is the friend I wish I’d had as a young, overwhelmed mom raising a child with special needs. She knows what it’s like to be the desperate mother locked in the bathroom, angry and ashamed, begging for a different story. 

Offering sanity and grace along with gentle, practical steps to handling difficult behavior, Lindsay speaks from her background as an educator as well as from her own journey from despair to hope. 

Celebrating The Kids God’s Given Us

And, best of all, she doesn’t just value kids with special challenges — she celebrates them!

Lindsay is wild about unique kids because she sees the ways they reflect uniquely breathtaking facets of their Creator, and she invites us to learn from them even as we help them grow into all God has for them. 

Beth Matheson, Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe Women of the Word

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