Homeschool Math Teaching Strategies: 11 Effective Tips To Help

Do you need some homeschool math teaching strategies for your arsenal? Are you daily jumping out of your skin in eager anticipation knowing you get to teach math? 

Perhaps you’re one of those lucky mommas whose kids love math. Lucky you. Go on with your bad self.

But if the answers to these questions are not a resounding yes, then I’m here to help.

In today’s episode, I share 11 effective homeschool math teaching strategies to help you teach your child without losing your mind.

Look Behind The Scenes

When kids resist or struggle with math or any subject, it’s not easy. This is especially true when that resistance leads to tough behaviors.

But I want to encouraged you. Starting today, I want you to begin thinking about your child’s resistance to learning math as a challenge.

Think of it as a game. Here’s why.

Tears, meltdowns, or any resistance to math is your clue that something is going on behind the scenes.

When you see this, get excited. You’ve got a mystery to solve. (Wait… isn’t that from a kids show?)

homeschool math teaching strategies, adhd, autism, right-brain

11 Homeschool Math Teaching Strategies

Behavior is information and that information is your key to solving your child’s math learning problems. In order to best serve all involved, it’s essential to step back and assess the situation before reacting.

Whether it’s multiplication facts, long-division (ugh) or algebraic functions, we’ve got to stop the spin cycle of homeschool math stress.

So how do you do this?

  1. Change Your Thinking
  2. Find The Gap In Foundational Skills
  3. Formal Assessment
  4. Informal Assessment Questions
  5. Focus On One Math Objective
  6. Breathe & Don’t Give In To Fear
  7. Short Bursts Of Stress-Free Math
  8. Favorite Math Resources
  9. Multisensory Multiplication Tables Resource
  10. Get School System Out Of Your Head
  11. Remember The Pros Of Homeschooling
  12. BONUS- You Are The Teacher & That’s A Good Thing

BONUS: Use Visual Support For Struggling Math Students

example math reference cheat sheet homeschool

We’ve been designed by God with multiple sensory systems for a reason. Consistent visual supports supported by color-coding and directives will only solidify math concepts.

I created the above chicken-scratch drawing when working alongside my daughter.

She now has a visual reference to help her build fluency. When she no longer needs it, she’ll drop the visual.

This is not cheating! Don’t push your kid to stop using visual supports too soon. Give them what they need to move forward.

homeschooling adhd kids, homeschool parent training

Top Supplemental Math Tools That Are ESSENTIAL

So listen in to the episode as I dive deep into each homeschool math teaching strategy.

And I’m super pumped to share TWO of my favorite math supplements that will literally end the multiplication facts drama for good.

One of these homeschool math teaching tools is a new FAVORITE of mine and I’ve been using it every day for the past month.

Cross Seven Math Memory Work & More

Cross Seven Classical Memory Work system is OFF-THE-HOOK-AMAZING!!!!

I discovered it about a month ago and was literally jumping out of my skin in excitement. This memory work system is similar to another very popular classical homeschooling company, but Cross Seven has taken it up 20 notches!

I’ve always recommended skip counting songs for multiplication and other math facts. The power of the brain and its ability to memorize through song is unparalleled!

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Homeschool Math Support For ADHD, Autism & Right Brains

For kids with ADHD, Autism and other outside-the-box ways of thinking, music is often a learning strength. Use your child’s strengths to equip them to learn effectively.

Cross Seven Classical Memory Work subscription service is an incredible tool to help your child learn

They’ve added video (visual) elements for every piece of memory work which is incredible for our visual learners as well. Full review coming soon.

  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • English grammar (my favorite subject to teach- LOVE it!!!)
  • Latin
  • Hymn
  • Scripture

Here’s what I told my mommas in A Heart For All Students Private Community. Join us!

Homeschool Multiplication Facts Supplement

Additionally, in this episode I mention Times Tales. So good, Friend!

If your children are struggling with memorizing their math facts, I highly recommend Times Tales for multiplication fact mastery.

It was created by homeschool moms desperate to help their kids learn those foundational multiplication facts. The program is excellent for your visual and musical, right-brain learner.

It uses mneumonics, animation and story to connect each fact deeply into the memory.

Homeschool Math Teaching Strategies: Listen & Be Encouraged!

Listen to the episode and be encouraged! Remember, ADHD, Autism, and all learning differences are just that: A different way to learn.

Our kids can thrive when equipped based on who they are. Promise you. There’s so much hope!

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homeschooling adhd kids, homeschool parent training

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    • Ayanna, I’m glad to hear that you’ve found these homeschool math teaching strategies helpful. I totally hear you on the virtual schooling and agree that you’ll definitely be able to implement many of them in order to best support your children. Good luck! 🙂


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